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Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying a home is a big deal. It’s often the largest purchase you will ever make and it might be the biggest asset you have. Likewise, selling a home is a major decision. An experienced lawyer can protect you and your investment by making sure that you understand the Agreement of Sale and the Sellers Disclosure, review your Title to make sure you are aware of any Exceptions including restrictions, easements, or potential issues with the property, and make sure the settlement goes smoothly.

Commercial Real Estate

As your advocate, whether as Buyer or Seller, Rentschler Law LLC will make sure the necessary documents are in order, participate in negotiations, review all documents to eliminate room for conflict, work with your Title Insurance Company and make sure settlement goes smoothly.  We also make sure that there are no conflicts with zoning and your planned use of the property and that you receive a marketable title.

Landlord/Tenant Agreements and Disputes

If you are a tenant involved in a dispute with your landlord, Rentschler Law LLC can help you with the following:

  • Reviewing the terms of your Lease
  • Determining whether your landlord is breaching the lease by failing to provide required services
  • Advising you on rent abatement procedures and strategies to deal with landlord breaches
  • Negotiating settlements with your Landlord.


Of course, managing real estate is key to ensuring profitability. Rentschler Law LLC can help property owners with the following:

  • Preparation and drafting of leases and lease/purchase agreements
  • Eviction proceedings in both District Court and Court of Common Pleas
  • Collections of past due rents, including bank and wage attachments
  • Filing necessary documents to lift bankruptcy automatic stays


If things go wrong, we can also assist with evictions that comply with landlord tenant laws. We will:

  • Review your lease to determine what rights you and the tenant may or may not have
  • Prepare and send the notice to vacate if not waived in the lease agreement
  • File a Landlord/Tenant Complaint in the appropriate Court ensuring proper jurisdiction
  • Negotiate pre-trial, attend hearings, and advocate for your rights at trial
  • Timely file for possession in the event tenants do not voluntarily vacate
  • Represent you on appeal in the Common Pleas Court should the tenant appeal the District Justice decision

Speeding Tickets and Other Traffic Citations

Most drivers at some point will have a speeding ticket or other traffic citation. If you have been pulled over by the local police or a state trooper, it is important that you have your situation reviewed. Too many times, drivers simply plead guilty and send in the payment for the fine. This can result in unnecessary points against your license or a suspended license. Having your driver’s license suspended is not just inconvenient; it interferes with your ability to earn a living.

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), it’s important that you take any speeding tickets or traffic citations seriously even if they occur in your personal vehicle. It can have an impact on your career.

If you’re cited for driving on a suspended license, it’s imperative that you get legal advice. Rentschler Law LLC can analyze your situation and provide representation to help you avoid the potential consequence which, depending on the circumstances, can result in incarceration.

General Legal Advice and Guidance

If you are unsure about a situation you are facing that might have some legal consequences, contact Rentschler Law LLC for an assessment of your circumstances. Our prior experiences include bankruptcy filings, criminal offenses including DUI, drug possession and other criminal matters, civil litigation, and contract drafting and review. Our range of experiences enables us to provide you with advice to determine your next steps. If you have a situation we do not handle, Rentschler Law LLC will refer you to attorneys who focus on that particular area of the law.

To discuss any of your legal concerns, contact us at 610-639-1666.